Our Approach to Quality is:


blue dot12To measure the success of a project in meeting the key objectives set out in the Project  business case and ensure high cost/benefit ratio

blue dot12To measure the success of the project in terms of the targeted timeframe and budget.

blue dot12To review the fitness for purpose of the project

blue dot12To analyse the performance of the project in order to establish learning points for continous improvement.

blue dot12To establish the need for and recommend any follow-up project actions arising from the learning points.

blue dot12To identify good practice, process or project deliverables which may be of benefit elsewhere in the organization.

blue dot12After a project is completed we make assessment of :

-how successful the project was in delivering the solution outlined in the Plan; and
-how successful the solution is in delivering the business benefits detailed in the business  case

 We assess the former by conducting a Post Implementation Review (PIR)
 We assess the latter by conducting a Business Benefits Review (BBR)


blue dot12We also comply closely with ISO 9001:2008 in our eBusiness solution designs and implementations.