The Power of Purpose

Designed for those who care to give Purpose and Direction to their Lives!!

Human beings are created with unique fingerprints, unique voices, unique irises, unique purposes etc and no human being is a copy of another. Without knowing one’s unique purpose in life or one’s real reason for existence it is almost impossible to be fulfilled in life or to lead others effectively.

Out of a love to help people we spent more than 10 years researching and developing this PRASI solution that has a wide range of FREE exercises that will help you reveal what you  were created to be and how you can effectively lead others in life. PRASI model means Purpose Realisation And Self Identity. Very useful to Entrepreneurs.

Use the formula below to guide you into your Life Purpose area, It's all FREE!!


 Basic gift + DISC Personality profile + Natural habit + Natural area of passion = Your Life Purpose area



Click on the markers in the PRASI model below to do the exercises that will give you answers which you use as inputs into the above formula.

You can repeat the exercises as often as you like until you are satisfied with revelation of your Purpose.  


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