Cloud hosting

Why re-invent the wheel and enter into wasteful expenditure buying IT servers to host your applications? Server space is now abundantly available on a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet through our global spectrum of Managed Services Providers......

Businesses can now host their e-Business Applications on "AfriCloud" which is a pan-Africa cloud hosting service provided through a network of managed service providers across the continent.

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Cloud Hosting of enterprise resource planning software (ERP) including SAP and Microsoft that allows organisations to manage business operations across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, projects, logistics and HR etc. Also integrate with eCommerce

Business suite offered by Oracle. This suite of applications interfaces with the company's existing information systems. For example, financial transaction data can be transferred to the company's accounting system with a financial application. An e-business suite might help a company to perform transactions such as collecting online payments, managing inventory, tracking sales patterns, planning routes of distribution, posting product descriptions to web pages and managing customer information in a database.