Online Process Supervisory and Control

SCADA are Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems

These solutions apply to any process that needs to be automatically monitored, controlled and managed remotely such as plant processes, electricity distribution processes, logistics, pipelines etc.  

These systems are now able to communicate and manage each other through advanced networks and use of intelligent IoT devices through cyber space thus adding intelligence into the process control systems and enabling continuous improvement, knowledge transfer and data-based decision making.scadaxxxopt

Smart factory technology and processes

Very beneficial for business continuity in times of disasters like COVID-19

Extensive use of IoT sensors and devices connects machines and enables visibility into their condition as well as into factory processes, creating an industrial internet of things (IoT).  Increasingly sophisticated analytics and applications based on AI and machine learning handle many of the routine tasks, freeing up people to focus on handling exceptions and making higher-level decisions. Robots are expected to populate smart factories for routine work, working alongside people.

Smart factories rely on smart manufacturing, which connects the plant to other entities in the digital supply network, enabling more effective supply chain management. They also rely on digital manufacturing, which uses a digital twin to connect a product digitally at all stages in its lifecycle.

In addition, production machines can be used in the manufacturing execution system's local network to receive orders, report progress, access work instructions and interact with quality and traceability systems. Plant floor workers can more readily see important information such as instructions, schedules, quality data, inventory status and demand changes.


Useful in situations that are challenging to mankind e.g.

  • Delivery of groceries during COVID-19
  • Quick delivery of testing kits and emergency supplies to COVID-19 hotspots.
  • Surveillance
  • Disinfecting operations and making public announcements to remind people of key actions during COVID-19

Co-ordinated industrial Robots with intergrated sensors and MMI-Man-Machine interfaces